About The Blog

There is a proverb that goes: “The Rabbit’s eye differs from that of the Owl”. Two people can see the same thing and get something different from it. Here’s my take.

I am a nature nerd, an animal afficiondo, and above all, a fact freak. Let me show you what makes the natural world so incredible.

No matter who you are, we all have something in common: at the most basic level, we are all just animals. Many of us have lost our connection with the natural world.

I grew up around trees, dense bush, wildlife and cold winters. I learned to fish when I was four. I can paddle a canoe and start a fire. I can identify many frog species and catch snakes without being bitten. Now that I live in Toronto, I miss these things very much…well, with the exception of the colder winters. Here these skills are largely useless, compared to using chopsticks and navigating the TTC.  So I read everything I can to maintain my knowledge of the wilderness. And pass it on to you!


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